We need your generosity. 

A massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitudes has killed over 7,500 people in Nepal and tens of thousands more are in need of support. The death toll is expected to go over 10,000. There is widespread devastation across Nepal.

Thousands have spent a nights outside with no food, water and medical supplies. Nearly 127 thousands pregnant women are also affected. Millions of children are in danger (Over 40% of Nepal’s population are children).

Everyone affected in Nepal are in desperate need. Your help will help to provide clean water, shelter, food and medical supplies. So please donate generously, as little as a £1 makes a big difference.

The collected money via PayPal will be donated to Prime minister National Disaster Fund Relief, Government of Nepal.

Click the Donate button below to make a donation. You are free to enter the amount you wish. If you use PayPal you can also “Send Money” to [email protected] PayPal has agreed to waive the fees for this service, which means every penny will be deposited in my PayPal account.

Or click the link below.https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RGLWNXQJVMYXG

You do not need to sign up for PayPal to donate.  You can use your PayPal Balance or Direct Bank Account to donate.

If you wish to donate via Crowdrise, please click the link below.


The fund collected via crowdrise will be donated to SHIKSHYA FOUNDATION NEPAL.

If there’s any problem while making the payment online please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you.

Donations received so far. Due to privacy the contributor’s name is not published but their amount, transaction number and payment date.

Donations- Paypal (in GBP)  – Until 06/May/2015

Transaction Id Payment Date Money
0BW95212HE1939616 02 May £1
56E22153A7059973F 02 May £1
5T219663KX9503039 03 May £40
 01 June  £100


Donations- Crowdrise (in USD)- Until 06/05/2015

Transaction Date Transaction Reference ID Donation Amount
05/04/2015 1016315444 40
04-30-2015 1358411971 50
04-28-2015 415601748 20
04-28-2015 420094147 20
04-28-2015 638775679 20
04-28-2015 482525582 40
04-27-2015 936544583 20


Donation- Cash- Until 22/05/2015

Cash Payment Date Money
Donated in Cash 04 May & 15 May, 20 May £20 + £3 +£20
Donated in Cash 02 May £10
Donated in Cash 02 May £5
Donated in Cash 29 April £10
Donated in Cash 29 April £5
Donated in Cash 26 April £10



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