I would like to announce that ‘Khusi’ will be soon available to borrow from the public libraries of the London borough in UK. It will be available to borrow in Westminster  (12), Hammersmith & Fulham (6) and Kensington & Chelsea (6) Libraries. All you need to do is to register with one of the councils library to borrow book.

‘Khushi’ is the first book by Vijay Kumar, a household name in Nepali journalism. ‘Khushi’ is a beautiful book based on the writer’s memoirs, essays and portraits. Vijay Kumar, the most-watched talk show host of Nepal, inks his own life in this memorable work. The writer has touched almost every issue of human life, starting from alcoholism to power, money, sex and spirituality.

‘All my life I have asked questions. Now I want to answer them,’ says Vijay Kumar. Anybody who reads Nepali will not be able to forget this book.