This is the biggest humiliation in the history of Brazilian football and the biggest ever World Cup semi-final defeat. 

Breaking News: There has been speculation that anti-government protests could erupt if the host nation loses its World Cup semi-final clash against Germany.

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FULL TIME- Germany Won

Germany 7- 1 Brazil. Germany advanced to Finals. 

Germany- Müller (11′),  Klose (23′), Kroos (24′, 26′), Khedira (29′), Schürrle (69′, 79′)

Brazil- Oscar (90)’


GOAL 90′ Oscar (#11) 

Germany 7- 1 Brazil


GOAL 79′ André Schürrle (#9) 

Germany 7- 0 Brazil

Andre Schurrle (#9) scored another goal in 69 minutes. Now its 7 for Germany. Thats his 2nd goal in todays match.

No changes until 75′

Germany 6-0 Brazil


GOAL 69′ André Schürrle (#9) 

Germany 6- 0 Brazil

Andre Schurrle (#9) scored another goal in 69 minutes. Now its 6 for Germany.

YELLOW CARD for Dante (#13) – Brazil

Germany 5- 0 Brazil


No changes until 65′

Germany 5-0 Brazil


No changes until 65′


Germany 5-0 Brazil


Germany 5-0 Brazil

GOAL 29′ Sami Khedira (#6) 

Germany 5- 0 Brazil

Sami Khedira (#6) scored another goal in 29 minutes. Now its 5 for Germany.

File Photo

Sami Khedira

GOAL 26′ Kroos (#18)

Germany 4-0 Brazil

Toni Kroos (#18) scored another goal in 26 minutes. Now its 4 for Germany.

Toni Kroos

GOAL 24′ Kroos (#18)

Germany 3-0 Brazil

Toni Kroos (#18) scored another goal in 24 minutes. Now its 3 for Germany.

GOAL 23′ Klose (#11)

Germany 2-0 Brazil

Miroslav Klose (#11) scored a goal in 23 minutes. Now its 2 for Germany. Klose becomes highest ever scorer in the World Cup.

Miroslav Klose

GOAL 11 Muller(#13)

Germany 1- 0 Brazil
Thomas Muller (#13) scored first goal in 11 minutes.

Thomas Muller

21:00 GMT Match STARTED

Germany 0-0 Brazil

Brazil Vs Germany

Brazil Vs Germany

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